Suits and Tuxedo

Suits and Tuxedo

Suits and tuxedo distinguished as a brikut: Jas (Dutch: jacket) is formal wear European model, and a long-sleeved shirt worn outside. Suits (English: suit) or simply called setting at least consist of a jacket and a pair of trousers made from the same cloth. Based on the number of rows of buttons on the front, consisting of a suit jacket buttoned line (single breasted) and coat buttoned two rows (double breasted). In English, the term also refers to a suit jacket launs (lounge suit) or a suit night (evening suit), and not understanding the jacket in Indonesian (sports jacket or leather jacket).

Jas launs is a model suits most common standards, once came from England as clothing for activities in the wild. When the only called the suit, the suit is meant suit standard model (jacket launs) complete with shirt and tie, and usually worn men working in the office. When the invitation mentioned black tie dress code, the men were asked to wear formal suits called tuxedo. Jas diner (dinner suit, designations in Britain) or a tuxedo (tuxedo or tails, designation in the US and Canada) is a formal black suit, the back coat tails, and used together with a black bow tie and white shirt. Black tie dress code does not mean the color standard dark suit with black tie

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