Raincoat / coat is one type of waterproof clothing that serves to protect body parts and clothing from rain. The coat is made of materials that are resistant to water, among others plastic materials , pvc, parachutes, rubber and other mixed materials which do not absorb water. The coat usually also has a color that is made striking and varied, this way works so that people who use the coat will be seen when the weather is rainy and dark.

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Types of Raincoats for Men and Women

In Indotrading, provides a variety of coats with the latest and best models made of anti-fungal quality materials, not easily torn with a choice of colors that are very many and attractive. Search and find various types of coats like the following.

  1. Poncho coat is one of the most commonly used mantle models by motorcycle riders and others because of its shape and how to use it very easily.
  3. Coat suits / Raincoat pants and tops are the type of coat that is also the choice of the best-selling models that are widely used by everyone to be used to protect against the rain both injured motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrian.

Cheap Raincoats for Poncho Models and Settings

Want to buy a poncho coat or suit? Come search and find a wide selection of models and the best prices from all suppliers of coats in Indotrading at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia. The various types of coats that you can buy here are various of the best coat brands that are often used by people in Indonesia to be used to ride motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Axio Raincoat Europe 882 Size M, L, XL Rp. 172,000
Axio Raincoat Europe 928 Size M, L, XL Rp. 210,000
Rei Raincoat Ultimate Size M, L, XL Rp. 399,000
Rei Raincoat Vancouver Size M, L, XL Rp. 299,000
Rei Mantel Transparent Katrina Size M, L, XL Rp. 225,000

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