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Men's and Women's Jacket

Men's and Women's Jacket

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Men's and Women's Jacket
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Information About Jackets

A jacket is an outerwear or outerwear that extends up to the waist or hips, worn to withstand wind and cold weather. The jacket opening is located on the front from the neck down. Zippers, buttons, or belts are used as tools to open and close the jacket openings. The coat is longer than the jacket, usually the length of the coat from around the buttocks to below the knees. In English, the term jacket also means jacket, and does not only include jackets according to the Indonesian meaning (sports jackets or leather jackets).

Unlike a shirt or tuxedo coat or even a blouse made of thin fabric, jackets are made of thick cloth and are often provided with upholstery and internal heating material such as bird feathers or goose down. Unlike shirts or blouses, jackets are not worn directly in contact with the skin. Therefore, jackets do not need to be washed or do not need frequent washing. Most jackets are also made from non-washable fabrics. Get the best supplier by providing offers to our suppliers in indotrading.

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