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Variants of Corn Types You Need to Know

Corn has various types. Despite having various types, there are several types of corn that cannot be processed into processed food. To discuss further, here are 7 types of corn that you need to know:

1. Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a type of corn that is commonly consumed. Sweet corn has a fresh and sweet taste when consumed. This type of sweet corn can be processed for food processing.

2. Popcorn

Varian type of popcorn is a type of corn that has a characteristic hard outer shell, enveloping a small amount of soft starch. This corn is commonly processed into popcorn. The processing method is quite easy. Put the sweet corn kernels in a pan that has been buttered, once the pan is warm you can add the corn kernels, leave the corn kernels in the pan with the lid on, let it sit for a few minutes, and the corn kernels will pop when heated due to the expansion of moisture in the seeds. The volume of development varies (depending on the variety), can reach 15-30 times the original size. This variety is intended for human consumption, but yields lower yields than other types of maize.

3. Corn flour (floury corn)

One of the oldest varieties of corn has soft seeds and contains soft starch. Corn flour is easy to grind and use as an ingredient in baked goods and other foods. In general, this type of floury corn is long-lived and is especially grown in the highlands of South America (Peru and Bolivia).

4. Horse tooth corn (dent corn)

This type of corn is named horse tooth corn because the recess in the middle of the seed when dry makes it look like a horse's tooth.

This type of corn tastes bland and starchy so it is more often used for animal feed, making natural corn syrup, or industrial products such as ethanol for fuel, beverages or sanitary fluids.

5. Pearl corn (flint corn)

The type of corn that is most widely grown by farmers in Java has a round, smooth, shiny, and hard shape because the hard starch is located at the top of the seed. This type of seed is preferred by farmers because it is resistant to warehouse pests.

6. Corn pod (pod corn)

Often referred to as indian corn, pod corn is more ornamental than other corns due to its elongated seeds and varying colors.

7. Glutinous corn (waxy corn)

This type of corn is mostly used as animal feed or as a food thickener. The endosperm of waxy corn consists entirely of amylopectine, while that of ordinary corn contains approximately 70 percent amylopectine and 30 percent amylose.

That's the type of corn that you need to know. In addition to consuming corn, you can consume dried fruit, organic fruit, organic vegetables, coconut, and Seaweed.

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