Inverter and Converter

Inverter and Converter

Selling the best price inverters and converters from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy inverters and converters at the latest prices, which are the equipment used to change the electric current. Inverter is a type of electronic device that functions to convert DC electricity into AC electricity or alternating current. Meanwhile, the converter is a device that works the other way around, namely converting AC alternating current into DC current with a different voltage. If you need an inverter and converter, don't hesitate to visit because on our platform thousands of inverter and converter suppliers are waiting with special offers for you!

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Difference between Inverter and Converter

Many people find it very difficult to distinguish between an inverter and a converter. Both of them look similar at a glance, but both inverters and converters have different specifications and functions with respect to type, usage, and drawbacks.


Inverter is a device used to convert DC electric current into AC electric current or alternating current. Well, this AC wave produced by the inverter will get better quality if it is able to mimic the alternator's AC waveforms. Inverters are usually applied in various fields, for example to convert DC electricity from solar panels, batteries or fuel cells for alternating current, UPS is used to supply electricity, and as a heating source. Now, regardless of its function, the inverter turns out to have its own shortcomings that is not ideal for AC and inductive load motors, then this device is also quite sensitive because the waves are not good and the battery capacity is very low.


Meanwhile, a converter is a tool to convert an electric current from AC to DC with a different voltage. Besides being applied to convert AC to DC currents, the converter is also used to detect the amplitude of the radio signal modulation and supply polarized voltage for welding. In contrast to inverters, this converter has the disadvantage that the load current capacity is lower, and the regulator is more expensive

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