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HRC Fuse Base

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Construction and Operation of HRC Fuse Base :

The HRC fuse base consists of a body of highly heat-resistant material (such as ceramic) which has a metal end cap, welded to a silver current-carrying element. The internal chamber of the fuse body is completely packed with filler powder. The material, which has filled the inner space, may be Paris plaster, quartz, lime, marble, dust and cooling medium etc.

That's why HRC Fuse base carries normal current without overheating. The heat generated vaporizes the molten element silver. The chemical reaction that occurs between the silver vapor and the filler powder produces a substance with high resistance, which helps extinguish the arc of the fuse.

Advantages of Using HRC Fuse base:

1. HRC Fuse base can clear high and low fault current.

2. Not easily damaged due to the influence of age of use.

3. It has high speed operation.

4. HRC Fuse base does not require regular maintenance

5. Cheaper price than other types of circuit breaker devices with the same rating.