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Hexagonal bolts are one type of bolt that has the shape of a hexagon bolt head. There are many types of hexagonal bolts based on the size of the bolt and the material, if divided from the size of 5 mm to the largest 320 mm.While the material consists of several types, namely steel, iron and aluminum. To get the hexagonal bolt that suits you, visit Indotrading directly and find the most complete range of bolt and nut products from qualified suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents and importers.

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Hexagon Bolt Types

  •  Hexagon Head Bolt Partly Threaded

Viewed from the side of the bolt design it has a rough and not full thread, available in various types from M 1.6 to M 64 with ISO 4014 standards. Generally this type of bolt is applied to industrial and automotive purposes.

  • Hexagon Head Bolt Fully Threaded with Fine Threads

Just like the previous type, only this one hexagon bolt has a finer and fuller thread. For this type available sizes from M 1.6 to M 64 with DIN EN and ISO 4017 standards. With higher levels of strength, hexagon head bolt fully threaded is also often used in industrial and automotive engines.

  • Hexagon Bolt and Screw Partly Threaded and with Fine Threads

As the name implies, this type of bolt has a full and smooth thread. With a range of sizes M8x1 to M64x4 along with DIN EN and ISO 8765 standards. When compared with coarse threads, these bolts have a lower depth, a smaller range and a higher load-bearing capacity.

  • Hexagon Bolt and Screw Fully Threaded with Fine Threads

This type consists of smooth and full threads, along with sizes M8x1 to M64x4 with ISO 8676 standards.

  •  Hexagon Bolt and Screw Fit Bolt

When viewed from the side of the design, this type of bolt consists of threads that are not full with sizes ranging from M8 to M48 with standard 609. Its function is to turn off and fixing the position of the movement that matches the transverse movement.

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