Farm animals are animals who deliberately maintained as a source of food, a source of industrial raw materials, or as a helper human work. Livestock raising effort called the farm or fisheries for a certain group of animals and is part of the agricultural activities in general. Livestock can be any animal including insects and vertebrates such low levels of fish and frogs. selling various farm animals is cheap and has the best quality and consists of a variety of suppliers and distributors of farm animals that have been verified by our team so that suppliers and distributors of farm animals to be believed, has a low price and quality. Quality is the very thing we noticed so that buyers can feel satisfied because it was bought at a low price, but has a good quality. If you're looking for livestock, is the right answer for you in finding cattle. To save you time in searching for farm animals, you can make a request to buy in and your purchase request will be sent to all suppliers and distributors of farm animals that have been joined in

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Pameran dan Forum Teknologi terkini industri peternakan - Indo Livestock 2019 Expo dan Forum

Pameran dan Forum Teknologi Industri PeternakanSurabaya kembali menjadi tuan rumah perhelatan akbar pameran dan forum internasional ke-14 teknologi terkini bidang industri peternakan, kesehatan hewan, pakan ternak, pengolahan susu, alat-alat kedokter...

Indo Livestock 2018 Expo & Forum” Bukan sekedar Pameran Peternakan Biasa

Perhalatan akbar bidang industri peternakan, kesehatan hewan, pakan ternak, pengolahan susu dan perikanan terbesar di Indonesia yang selalu ditunggu-tunggu penyelenggaraannya, akan segera diresmikan pada tanggal 04 Juli 2018 di Jakarta Convention Cen...

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