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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

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Best Hand Sanitizer Recommendations

Hand sanitizer has become one of the things that must be carried at this time, to avoid viruses and germs. Its use is also quite efficient because it does not require running water like the use of hand soap.

Because of the importance of hand sanitizer, here is a summary of the best hand sanitizer recommendations that you can buy and use.

1. Hand Sanitizer Antis

Antis is a hand sanitizer product in Indonesia, which is available in the form of gel and spray, and has been proven to be effective in killing germs (diarrhea, typhus, salmonella, E.coli, flu).

Antis also claims that its product is able to kill 99% of germs in 4 seconds, with its 70% active alcohol content.

This product also contains a volatile formula so it doesn't leave on hands. The moisture content is also gentle on the skin of the hands.

2. Lifeboy Hand Sanitizer

Who doesn't know Lifeboy products, this time Lifeboy launched a hand sanitizer product. The hand sanitizer products sold are packaged in small 50 ml flip top bottles that are not easy to spill and leak. Moreover, the form of hand sanitizer is a gel.

Lifebuoy hand sanitizer claims to be the world's first immunity-boosting hand sanitizer that not only kills 99.9 percent of germs without water, but also activates skin peptides to boost skin immunity against germs for up to 10 hours after use.

3. Pure Hand Sanitizer

Pure hand sanitizer is one of the hand sanitizers specially formulated for children to parents with WHO standard formulations. With Dual Antiseptic kills viruses, bacteria and germs and Double moisturizer keeps baby's hands comfortable. Safe to use on sensitive skin, dries quickly and has a pleasant aroma.

Those are the 3 best hand sanitizer products that you can use as a reference in buying hand sanitizers, keep your distance first to prevent harmful germs and viruses. 

New Product Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Base 70 %
Supplier : PT. Milenium Masa Manunggal
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 150,000
Bogor , Bogor
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Hand Sanitizer H-Clean 5 Ml
Supplier : PT. Budi Jaya Amenities
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 23,499
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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Handsanitizer Cair Toya Kemasan 1 Liter Aroma Lemon
Supplier : CV Nusa Pratama Anugrah
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 45,000
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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Antis Hand Sanitizer Aroma Jasmine Tea Spray 3X55ml + Free A..
Supplier : PT. Sari Enesis Indah
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 41,976
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Timur
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Hand Sanitizer Cleaning - Ecochemic 101
Supplier : CV Coriundo Central Chemika
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 123
Jawa Tengah , Semarang
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Hand Sanitizer Soblass Spray 100Ml
Supplier : PT. Pesona Aura Biru
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 11,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
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