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Buy cheap wholesale hair cap from distributors, suppliers, factories / manufacturers, stores from all over Indonesia. Hair cap or also often called a hair nurse, nurse cap is a head covering device that is usually used by pharmaceutical companies, or companies that are very critical with the contimation of their products. The purpose of using a hair cap to protect the hair of workers. In addition to protecting their products, the hair covering also serves to protect the head from dust or the danger of hair trapping on rotating machines. By using a hair cover, hair will generally be neater because it is inside the head cover. Headgear is also used to protect the head in the process of spa, salon, skincare so that hair stays clean during treatment. In the medical field, this head covering is used by medical personnel to protect the head to remain sterile and also so as not to contaminate when handling patients

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Type of Hair Cap Based on the Material

Besides you are looking for a model or shape, it is better before you look for procurement of goods in Indotrading, you can find out in advance what types of hair coverings or headgear you are looking for based on the material made. , including:

1. Plastic material   2. Waterproof material
  3. Antibacterial ingredients   4. Rubber material   5. Gauze material

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Get cheap hair stamp price list information directly from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading. Prices are usually based on different types, brands and models so that the price list must be adjusted according to the type. Because of the types of hair caps that are sold certainly have different specifications, for example, sellers classify the types of the lowest price, medium price and highest price. Of the several types and prices offered in the price list must have been adjusted to each quality of the product being sold. By getting a cheap price, of course we will get a lot of direct benefits, for example, the advantage of buying products in large quantities, that is, you will easily resell it to get the profit from your sales. It's different if you buy a product not from a supplier or distributor directly, because of course you will get a high price. Find all the cheapest hair cap prices for all your needs easily in Indotrading.

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