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Guard Rail

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Guardrail Technical Specifications and Their Functions

Before buying a guadrail for the construction of a road safety fence, you should also know what technical specifications the guard rails you want to use or according to what standards can be used for the terms of use.            

Transverse thickness 2, 67 mm
Transverse width 312 mm
Thickness of the curve 83 mm
Display the total slab 4300 mm
Effective length of slab 4000 mm
Support pole width 180 mm
Thickness of the support pole 4,5 & ndash; 6 mm
Length of the support pole 1,800 mm
Effective pole above ground level 655 mm

From some of the technical specifications of the road safety fence above, of course there are still some other specifications that are more detailed when manufacturing and installing road fences that you can know more clearly before buying. Each supplier / distributor and manufacturer certainly has all the information about the size of the technical specifications that you can ask directly.