GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

Selling GPS Tracker at the best price from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a GPS Tracker with the latest price which is a navigation tool that is useful for detecting the movement of a vehicle or the position of people. This tool can also store movement data and also show its position on the global map. The use of GPS is also based on satellites, so that it can detect anywhere and anytime using satellite assistance. GPS is also divided into 3 types, namely data loggers, data pushers, and data pullers. To get GPS Tracker products with the latest models from various leading brands can go through the website Through our platform, you will get special offers from various suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all trusted GPS Tracker sellers throughout Indonesia!

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How Does GPS Tracker Work

In ancient times GPS tracker was only used for military purposes. Currently, anyone can use the tool without any restrictions. The way GPS tracker works is that GPS sends special signals to the satellites. There are at least 24 satellites on this earth.

The satellite provides position data and sends it back to GPS. The data sent can be converted into various kinds of data that are useful for its users, such as mapping, time, and also vehicle speed. The operating system used is simple mathematics, such as 2-D trilateration and also 3-D trilateration. There are only two pieces of data that must be received by GPS, namely the location of users detected by at least 3 satellites and the distance between the user and the destination. The rest, calculations to get data will be done with the speed of mathematics. All data used can also be stored by users.

How to Choose a Good GPS Tracker

Currently GPS tracker is widely used to support security, one of which is for vehicles to be tracked. Therefore, for optimal tracking, choosing a GPS Tracker should not be arbitrary. Because, it could be that if the product is not quality, then it can not function properly, you know! Here are tips on choosing a quality GPS tracker:

1. Has Complete Features

To work well, make sure you choose a GPS Tracker that offers various supporting features such as speed limit sensors, emergency buttons, remote metin feed features, vehicle engine sensors, and so on. These features are useful to help performance so that the GPS Tracker works optimally.

2. Real Time Tracking Capabilities

Make sure you choose a GPS Tracker that has realtime tracking capabilities with accurate position accuracy. If the worst happens, for example a car is stolen, then we can easily track the position of the vehicle just by reading the GPS.

3. Already equipped with a User-Friendly Monitoring System

This means, the next aspect that is no less important is choosing a compatible GPS Tracker on all operating systems and devices. Whether accessed via a PC or smartphone, GPS TRacker must function properly,

4. Own Server Center

The next step is to choose a GPS Tracker that already has a server center managed by the seller's own company. This is aimed at making the storage quota bigger and faster access. Avoid choosing a GPS Tracker whose server is renting to a hosting service provider or using free hosting.

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