Ceramic Roof Tile

Ceramic Roof Tile

Selling ceramic tile at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy ceramic tile at the latest prices made from the best quality soil and coated with ceramic, this type of tile is the most commonly used roof tile because of its superiority that is strong and resistant to all weather, has a variety of shapes, has many color and size choices. In addition, this type of tile does not absorb heat much because the surface is coated with ceramic and is not easily cracked in use for decades.

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Types of Ceramic Tiles in Indonesia

As for the brands of tile that are currently the most sought after by consumers including Kanmuri tile, KIA tile and M Class tile.

1. Kanmuri tile is one of the popular tile brands because the quality of the tile produced is very good and has been trusted to be a tile manufacturer in Indonesia with undoubted quality. There are various types of tile available, such as full flat tile, espanica tile and milenio tile.

2. KIA roof tile is a brand as well as a manufacturer of tile with bran which is also the best choice for consumers in Indonesia. There are many choices of tile sizes, models and colors of jasper black, jasper brown, jasper gray, coco brown, jade green, ruby ​​maroon, opal black and others which also have competitive quality with similar products.

3. Tile M-Class is a tile brand that is also popular in Indonesia which has also been widely used as a roof of a house or building that is strong and durable in use for many years and has a variety of models.

Selecting the Size of Ceramic Tiles

To buy tile first, of course you have to determine what size tile will be used by yourself or consumers. But to determine the size is not difficult, you just simply adjust the tile to the size of the batten or roof frame that has been made or vice versa. For some tiles it is not the same size as other types of tile, but the difference is not so much only a few millimeters. Here are some tile sizes that can be an illustration. You determine how many types and sizes that suit your needs:

Tile Size Length Width
Espanica 320 mm 314 mm
Milenio 322 mm 317 mm
Full Flat 348 350 mm

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New Product Ceramic Roof Tile

Genteng Piatto Natural
Price : Rp 6,500
Jawa Barat , Majalengka
Genteng Keramik Berglazur Kanmuri Tipe Milenio
Supplier : PT Satya Djaya Raya
Price : Rp 9,250
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Genteng Keramik Kia
Supplier : Toko Sinar Terang Genteng
Price : Rp 8,800
Bekasi , Bekasi
Genteng Keramik Berglazur Kanmuri Tipe Espanica
Supplier : PT Satya Djaya Raya
Price : Rp 8,600
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Genteng Keramik Tanah Flat
Supplier : CV. Multi Niaga
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bogor
Genteng Press Tanah ( Genteng Keramik )
Supplier : CV. Bumen Nusantara Jaya
Price : Rp 1,500,000
Jawa Barat , Bekasi