Generator Set

Generator Set

Selling the best price generator set from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a generator with the latest price serves for power plants that produce engine speed to drive generators so as to produce electrical energy. This machine is used as an anticipation if there is a PLN outage and is used for various sources of electricity for homes, offices and industries. The increasingly important availability of electricity as it is today, every home, factory or office needs to provide its own power plant engine with specifications that can be adjusted to their own needs. So to anticipate emergencies when blackouts or emergency needs when far from the PLN electricity line, for example in the forest and commercial or public activities, you can use this power generation machine whenever and wherever you want.

Gasoline Generator
Gasoline Generator
Open Generator
Open Generator
Mini Generator
Mini Generator
Silent Generator
Silent Generator
Diesel Generator
Diesel Generator

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How to Distinguish Household and Industrial Generators 

When we are looking for a generator set, there are definitely some things we should think about and consider first. Moreover, its use is only for the needs of your household, office or industry, to find the right specifications according to those needs. The solution, you must know in advance how many electronic devices in your home, office or factory. To determine these needs, we have tips for you to easily determine the best generator for you:

1. What is the need for electricity that is usually used at home or your office whether using electricity with 900 watts, 1400 watts? What must be considered is how many units of generator power is 1 kVa equal to 0.8 kW or 800 watts. Then how to calculate it is that if the need is usually 2000 watts of PLN electricity, so the calculation is 2000 watts divided by 0.8 = 2.5 kVa, meaning you need a generator with 2.5 kVa or more power.

2. After you can calculate for yourself how much power you need like the simulation above. Of course you also need to consult with the technician directly, so you don't choose the wrong specifications you need. With the above method, you will of course also help and facilitate which generators for your home, factory or office needs.

3. Choose a brand that has a lot of the best recommendations and guarantees a good warranty and after-sales too. From products and manufacturers and suppliers that are trusted, of course you will not hesitate to determine an item that you will buy.

The Best Way to Generate Generators

There are many ways and steps in maintaining a good generator set machine that has a small capacity for home to a large capacity for factories and industries. Here are some maintenance methods that must be routinely carried out so that your machine can be more durable and last for a long time.

1. Store the machine in a dry room and have good air circulation.

2. Routinely replace oil and worn or damaged parts

3. Tidy up all enhancements or accessories such as a neat power cord

4. Check all components and make sure they are functioning normally

5. And finally always use and operate the machine in accordance with the SOP for good and correct use.

Generator Type Based on Fuel

In the market you will find many generators based on their brand and specifications. But not only that, there are types of generators based on the fuel so you have to be more careful to determine which type you will buy. Usually a generator engine that uses gasoline or premium fuel is also more fuel efficient, the sound is no more noisy than a diesel engine or a diesel engine. among other things consist of as follows:

1. Fuel engines diesel / diesel engines are types of portable power plants using diesel engines that run on diesel fuel, which on average can supply 500-2000 watts of electricity.

2. Gas fuel engines are relatively expensive engines, this is the right alternative if you need tools that are easy to operate. To use it, you need fuel in the form of LPG gas / CNG.

3. Turbine engines are generator sets that are often used in large factories or industries that have a capacity of up to 2,000,000 watts.

4. Gasoline engine is a generator that can generate electricity up to 10,000 watts.

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