Genset Controller

Genset Controller

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Buy a cheap price controller generator from suppliers, importers and distributors in Indonesia that functions for generator accessories that are used to control the system on or off the electricity installed on the generator set. Or as a means of transferring power from PLN electricity and transferred to the electric power generator by automatic means and there is also a manual. Get automatic and manual generator controllers from tens to hundreds of suppliers in Indotrading with the best brands to procure your goods or business.

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Automatic Genset Controller Features and Features

In a series of generator controllers there are several main supporting components that function to maximize the performance of the generator so that the system is automatic and manually switches the power when the PLN goes out and the power will run optimally. Generally the generator set controller consists of several different feature specifications which are generally the superior features of some brands.

Specifications Usability

Auto Stoping Device

Automatic feature to turn off the generator when the electricity is on.
Auto Transfer Switch Automatic feature to turn on the generator when the electricity goes out.
Auto Return & nbsp; Automatic feature to move electrical power from the generator to PLN electricity when it turns on.
Manual Push-Stop Manual feature for turning off and turning on generator sets.
Pilot Lamp Indicator Features or indicator components in the form of lights to ensure the controller's performance is still normal or not.

The above features are not the same, because one brand with another brand certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. But functionally the same, the controller generator can be used for any type of generator either gasoline generators or solar generator .

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Get various types and brands of generator set controllers from suppliers and distributors of generator and spare parts accessories only in Indotrading. Because there are so many different types and models with various specifications for your genset repair needs or for the needs of your company and business. Generally the more you shop from direct suppliers, you will get a promo price or a wholesale price that you can get. Usually all sellers or companies will offer the lowest prices of all types of goods they sell and also compare with some items that are the same specifications but different brands.

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Discover the cheapest range of generato set controller prices from suppliers in Indotrading with a selection of the best brands that you can specify and get a variety of offers from various authorized sellers from brands generator accessories in Indonesia. You can immediately get price information directly through the buying request supplier. How to fill out the form for requesting the procurement of goods online, you can fill in various names of goods, specifications, brands and photos of items you want to buy.

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