Gasoline Generator

Gasoline Generator

Find the best price Gasoline Generators from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Gasoline Generators at the latest prices which is one of the popular names of various types of generators that use gasoline-fueled drive engines in the beginning. However, due to the growing development of alternative energy fuels, besides being able to use gasoline or premium, the current generator set engine can also use alternative fuels such as Pertalite or Pertamax for example. The advantages of generators that use petalite or Pertamax type fuel is that the engine noise is not too noisy and is certainly more fuel efficient when compared to diesel or diesel generators.

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4 Genset and Type Brand Recommendations

To find the best selection of generator sets, we must first look for recommendations, at least comparing the best brands and specifications before we buy. If you need these recommendations, here we present some brand references and recommended type options that you might need:

1. Honda Genset
- Honda EP1000 (0.85 kVA)

2. Yamaha Generators
Recommendation :
- Yamaha ET-1 generator set (0.78 kVA)

3. Tekiro Generator Set
- Tekiro Ryu RS1300 (1 kVA)
- Tekiro Ryu GREEN-1300 (1 kVA)

4. Genset Word
- Word of FPG1599DCV Generator 1 KVA
- Word of FPG1500L Genset 1KVA

4. Multipro Genset
- Multipro GN-950 MP (0.85 kVA)
- Multipro GG-1000/2 SW (0.85 kVA)

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