A padlock is a locking device for securing various types of objects such as doors to houses, offices or boxes. Immediately submit purchase requests for thousands of products from hundreds of the biggest suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Available choices of the best brands such as the choice of brands above which are sold at competitive prices that you can adjust to the specifications you want. You will get ease in procurement of goods in Indotrading, because all your buying requests will be reviewed by the seller so you will get a cheaper price compared to ordinary sellers who sell retail.

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Find a wide selection of wholesale padlock prices with a variety of brands available in, all the best products with good quality such as padlock door , password lock, password lock and more. All types of padlock you can get from all suppliers and distributors in In addition you also get the latest price information or the most updated can directly submit a purchase request directly from the supplier in Indotrading.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Brands Estimated Price
Smart Keyless Waterproof Rp. 246,000
Biometrics Anti-Theft Finger Print Rp. 221,000
Kenmaster 3 Key 50mm 1pc Rp. 19,900
Kenmaster MK403 40mm 3pcs Rp. 88,900
Mitsui Mupl 55 Rp. 135,000
Wipro Padlock G2-80 80mm 1pc Rp. 179,000
Sherlock Padlock G2-80 80mm 1pc Rp. 120,000
Kenmaster Brass Blister 8840 40mm 1pc Rp. 19,900

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In the solution, all types of padlocks that you are looking for are available here, because only in Indotrading you will get many types of padlocks to suit your needs, starting from the needs of your business and company. If for a company or shop, of course you can shop for complete types to meet all the needs of your consumers or customers who are looking for various types of the best padlock from the cheapest wholesaler. After you get the estimated price information such as the price list above you can immediately get and buy the product from all trusted sellers in

Types of Padlocks Based on the Model

In addition to locks for doors, it turns out there are still many types of locks that are as diverse as locks that we often see on a daily basis such as door locks or fences. In addition there are also many other types such as padlock with a password, fingerprint , bicycle lock, padlock discs and other variants based on models and functions that are more specific to all the security needs of other valuable objects to avoid theft.

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