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Industrial Salt

Industrial Salt

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How to Choose Quality Salt

1. Choose Certified Salt

To support other industrial needs, of course the salt used must be of high quality. An easy way to check the quality of salt you can do is to find out whether the salt product has obtained a BPOM permit, or is in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard, and other certificates that support product safety for use.

2. Still Good Packaging

The next tip so that you get quality salt is to pay attention to the salt packaging that is still neat and not damaged. Avoid buying salt that is bricked or unpackaged because it is potentially unfit because it has been contaminated.

3. Choose Iodized Salt

For certain industries, for example the food industry, you need special salt for industrial needs that are iodized. You can check whether the salt product contains iodine or not by using a test tool, namely the Iodina Test.

Those are tips in choosing quality salt. For Industrial Salt, you can use Merck industrial salt and refined industrial salt which has good quality.