Industrial Salt

Industrial Salt

Selling the best industrial salt from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy sea water salt at wholesale prices directly from the supplier. Salt is a white, crystalline solid. The source of salt obtained generally comes from sea water which is then processed and sold in the market into industrial salt, table salt or salt table that is used as a kitchen spice, flavoring or seasoning. The component contained in salt has an important role in the human body, so it is necessary to consume salt with the right size and size every day to maintain the balance of acid-base in the body. Without the levels of salt needed for the body, then we will not survive. Excessive use of salt will burden the kidneys, and can increase blood pressure.

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Use of Industrial Salt

Industrial salt is a type of salt that is used as a raw material for industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and so on. Different from consumption salt, this salt must have a minimum of 97% NaCl content. Because it is very important to support the needs of other industries, special salt for industries must meet its own standards and classifications. Now, to find products that pass the qualification test, you can approve the website!


Because through website, you can find a variety of suppliers, distributors, importers, even manufacturers that sell salt that is equipped with supporting certificates such as BPOM, SNI, Halal, and certificates other supporters. This type of salt is widely used to support the needs of many industries. Industrial salt is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, petroleum, paper making processes, health, manufacturing fertilizer, for weather engineering, and so on. Meanwhile, for the needs of the food industry, the maximum Ca and Mg levels in salt are around 660 ppm and those that have been iodized.

How to Select Quality Salt

1. Select salt that has pocketed certificates

To support the needs of other industries, of course the salt used must be of high quality. An easy way to check the quality of salt can be done by knowing whether the salt product has been approved by BPOM, or in accordance with the Indonesian National Stkamur, and other certificates that support product safety for use.

2. Still good packaging

The next tip for you to get quality salt is to pay attention to the neat and undamaged salt packaging. Avoid buying salt in the form of brick or not packaged because it is potentially unfit because it has been contaminated.

3. Choose iodized salt

For certain industries, for example the food industry, you need salt specifically for the needs of iodized industries. You can check whether the salt product contains iodine or not is to use a test tool that is Iodina Test.

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