Gallons of Water

Gallons of Water

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Buy gallons of water at cheap prices, the best brands with quality materials, break resistant, buy from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Water gallon is a large-sized drinking water bottle and generally the largest has a capacity of 19 liters. Water gallons have different types of sizes ranging from a capacity of 2 liters to 19 liters. Water gallons are widely used by drinking water companies as bottled drinking water that can be consumed directly by consumers. Judging from its function, a gallon of water must be made of selected materials that are in accordance with the standard of drinking water packaging that has been determined by BPOM. A good gallon water packaging material that is made from materials recommended by BPOM is made of Polyethylene Tereftalat / PET material is a thermoplast plastic polymer resin from a group of polyester. PET is widely produced in the chemical industry and is used in synthetic fibers, beverage bottles and food containers, thermoforming applications, and combined with glass fiber in engineering resins.

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Gallons of Water
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