Furniture Bolts

Furniture Bolts

Bolts are widely used in the automobile industry. On motor vehicles there are many components are made separately and then put together using bolts and nuts in order to facilitate the return of release when needed, for example to carry out repair work or replacement of components. Bolts are typically used in pairs with a nut. Part threaded rod bolt that is intended to match the hole with a gap mur.Untuk reduce the effect of friction between the bolt head with the workpiece can be added ring / washer between the bolt head and the surface of the workpiece. Spiral-shaped washer can be used on the bolt to help prevent joint strength is reduced due to the bolt to loosen due to vibration.

Bolt construction comprises a cylindrical rod which has a head at one end, and there are grooves along (or just at the end) of the cylinder rod. Bolts made of mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or brass. Can also be made of metal bolts or other metal alloys for special purposes purposes. We have a qualified supplier of furniture bolts and complete get our best suppliers to submit bids in

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