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Type of Freezer Based on the Slow and Quick Freezing Machine

Not many people know about the various types of food and beverage cooling machines. If it is distinguished based on the freezing machines that are categorized as slow and quick, you can see the freezer for several types below:

1. Air Blast Freezer is a type of cooling machine that can cool meat, frozen food and canned drinks in quantities small ones which are often used to store certain products in restaurants or cafes.

2. Curved Glass Freezer, often used to store food and drinks such as sausages , nugget , meatballs, ice cream and at the same time for display cabinets in stores and supermarkets.

4 Recommended Best Freezer Brands

1. Electrolux ECM-2100WA-XE

2. LG GN304SL

3. Changhong 100L-CBD105

4. Gea AB-106R