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Flow Meter

Flow Meter

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Flow Meter Functions and Uses

The function of the flow meter can be different depending on the type and application of the tool, and its purpose. The following are some of the functions of the flow meter, including:

1. Knowing the size parameters to control the electronic circuit

Flow meters can also be used as a means of measuring the flow of electricity. Where the parameter in the form of flow rate or flow rate will be indicated in the data in the form of numbers.

2. Knowing the size of the flow in some materials

Flow meters can be used to measure various types of flow that we often need in everyday life. Starting from water, gas, diesel, gasoline, and others. The existence of this flow meter tool will really help each user to determine the size and length of the required channel.

3. Determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a process

The measurement results generated through the flow meter can be used as a basis for making adjustments or adjustments to the size of a flow. With this adjustment, the efficiency of a process and the needs of industry, buildings, and household appliances can be achieved.

4. Calculate and measure production cost savings

In a production process, of course, there is a budget or budget to support the process so that it runs as it should. It is very important to calculate production costs related to air/water/steam consumption. You can calculate the required production costs by knowing in advance the size of the flow through the flow meter.

5. Anticipating engine damage

The capacity and performance of compressors, cooling systems, pumps, pipes, and other flow-related components can be measured using a flow meter. Potential engine damage can also be identified early on with measurements so that engine damage can be minimized.

6. Facilitate the process of monitoring waste treatment

Not only used for industrial needs that produce a product, flow meters also have a very vital function in the waste treatment process. This tool is needed to get the results of optimizing the use of chemicals or other waste fluids so that the cost of the waste treatment process can still be monitored.

7. Calculating the amount of heat energy in hotels, malls, and industries

Flow meters are often found in hotels, malls, and industries that usually use heating and cooling systems such as air conditioners or chillers. This flow meter is used to calculate the amount of heat energy produced.

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New Product Flow Meter

Flow Meter Avery Hardoll Bm 950 Size 3 Inch
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Banten , Kota Tangerang
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Mesin Cooling Tower Dan Heat Exchanger Apv Spx Flow
Supplier : PT. Berjaya Equipment And Service
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Bekasi , Bekasi
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Electromagnetic Flowmeter / Flowmeter Water / Flowmeter Limb..
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Flow Meter Metrix 2Ug- G6
Supplier : PT. Badja Abadi Sentosa
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DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Digital Seri 485
Supplier : PT Picco Prima Artha
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Sumatera Utara , Medan
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Th-031 Alat Pengukur Arus Air Universal (Universal Current M..
Supplier : CV Tatonas
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Yogyakarta , Sleman
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