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Floor Drain

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Buy the latest cheap floor drain models, the best brands from suppliers, distributors and importers in Indonesia. The function of floor drain which is used to keep water channels running smoothly sometimes is not easy. Hair loss that accumulates is usually an object that often causes clogged drains in your bathroom. To avoid this, you must ensure that your floor drain can function properly. If this tool does not function properly, we can be sure your water channel will often experience interference. For procurement of goods in large quantities, you can immediately search for and submit offers of goods at the best wholesale prices directly from all supplier companies in Indotrading.com now also through RFQ Indotrading.

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Floor Drain Functions and Types

Floor drain is a water filter that is usually installed on the bathroom floor, ablution area, and other areas that have drainage holes. This object has an important role in maintaining the smooth running of water in your home. This is because the main function of floor drain is to filter out the impurities carried by the water. Thus, water cleanliness will always be maintained. Floor drains that are not functioning properly naturally need to be replaced immediately so that the drains in your house are not clogged.

Water filters are available in several types. Based on the raw material for its manufacture, water filters are divided into plastic water filters and stainless steel water filters. Water filters made of plastic are usually not as durable as filters made of stainless steel. So, if you want to buy a floor drain with high durability, you should choose one that is made of stainless steel. Based on its shape, water filters are divided into water filters and sheets. For better filtering, you should choose the bowl.

Some water filters are designed not only to filter impurities in the water flow but also to prevent animals, for example cockroaches and mice, from entering the bathroom. Water filters like these usually have balls in them. Thus, animals cannot pass through it but water can still flow through it.

Latest Cheap Floor Drain Prices


Brand / Type


Estimated Price


Wasser HSA 6042


Rp. 180,000


Wasser HSA 6442


Rp. 200,000


Meridian Floor Drain FG-710 (60 x 7.5)


Rp. 1,000,000


Toto TX 1 BN


Rp. 300,000


Meridian FG-701 (10 x 10)


Rp. 300,000


American Stkamurd F030A261


Rp. 370,000


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