Flat Belt

Flat Belt

Definition of Flat Belt

Flat belts are one type of flat / flat machine belt that serves as a transmission connector between the drive and the driven media. Flat belts are used in large types of machines such as grinding machines and various other types of machines. Flat belts are made from selected materials specifically used for high engine speed and heat resistance. Materials for making belts include canvas material (canvas / cloth / tarpaulin) which functions as a rubber structure binder, rubber (rubber) functions as an elasticity of the V-belt and keeps the V-belt from slipping, cord material ( wire binder) functions to make the V-Belt not break easily. Buy flat belt the latest low price models, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers now in Indotrading.

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New Product Flat Belt

Flat Belt Conveyor
Supplier : PT Putra Tirtamas Megah MM
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bekasi
Sparepart Truk Volvo Multi Rib Belt : Db-817
Supplier : PT Borneo Online Semesta
Price : Rp 685.000
Kalimantan Selatan , Banjarmasin
Aligator Belt Fastener Flat Belt
Supplier : PT. Sinar Surya Lestari
Price : Rp 1
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Flat Belt Drives
Supplier : PT Mahardika Wisnu Karya
Price : Call
Lampung , Bandar Lampung
Flat Belt Tg S04 Ammeraal Beltech
Supplier : Jaya Putra Pendawa
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan
Flat Belt
Supplier : PT. Inti Karya karisma Pratama
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat