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Fire Damper

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Although the fire damper is included in the fire extinguisher, this product does not play a role in extinguishing fires such as fire extinguishers, heavy extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and others. Because the fire damper plays a role in closing or blocking the ventilation gap when there is a potential fire. So that the fire does not immediately spread throughout the building.

To make it easier for you to install the right fire damper, here's how to install it.

1. Buy Fire Damper

Before buying a fire damper, you can research the different prices and models to make sure you get the right damper size.

2. Get Access to the Area Where It's Installed

Look at your home blueprint for the best way to access the duct where the fire suppression will be installed. You can mount it on the wall or ceiling. It is usually easier to access the ceiling if you have a false ceiling.

3. Securely Mount the Damper to the Wall or Ceiling

Use metal screws to secure the damper to the sleeve. If you have a stud type construction, you should make sure that you fill the perimeter of the opening with filler pieces so that the damper works properly and the space is sealed. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions in the letter as different dampers function and are installed differently.

4. Test the Reducer to Make Sure it Functions Properly

Turn on the fire and make sure the damper is working properly. Keep the fire on for an hour or so. This is to ensure whether the fire damper used is appropriate, and functioning.