Filter AC

Filter AC

Selling the best price AC filters from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy an AC filter with the latest price which is one type of AC spare parts that serves to filter the air that enters the AC engine so that the air produced will be cleaner and fresher. The way the air filter works for this air conditioner is to filter all the air that will be processed into clean air that enters the room. So that the air filter for the air conditioner is kept clean and not easily damaged, it is necessary to check and clean the filter regularly to avoid damage and the quality of the air produced by the ac to keep it clean and healthy. Buy the latest model low price AC filter, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading right now!

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Why do you have to regularly replace the AC filter?

To get fresh and cool air, AC is widely used as a mainstay. Well, to last longer, air conditioners need to be treated as well as possible. One of them is to replace the AC filter regularly so that the AC will work optimally. AC filters need to be cleaned regularly with the aim of preventing dust from accumulating which can cause illnesses such as respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitism and other diseases.

In addition, an AC filter that is routinely replaced will also make the AC engine's performance easier. That way, the AC becomes more durable and durable!

How to Clean Your Own AC Filter

Many people still rely on tukan to replace an AC filter. In fact, replacing an AC filter is an easy job and can be done by everyone without having to have special abilities, you know! The following are tips for replacing the correct AC filter in Indotrading version!

1. Open AC Filter
To clean the AC filter, all you have to do is open the AC filter section. No need to worry, now many air conditioners are designed to be easily opened so that even if you don't have special skills, you can also open air conditioners easily.

2. Clean the AC Filter
After opening, it's time to clean the filter with a variety of cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or wipe so that it is maximally clean. You can start by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, then wipe using a cloth.

3. Return the AC Filter to the Original Place
If it is deemed free of dust and dirt, it's time to return the filter to its original place. Make sure all the components are installed properly so that it can function as before, yes!

4. Feel Cooler Air
After everything is installed perfectly, try checking the AC performance by turning it on. If the air feels fresher and cooler, then you have successfully replaced the AC filter correctly!

5. Perform Routine .
To keep the air produced fresh, then you need to make the activity of replacing or cleaning this AC filter a routine activity. Do cleaning every 1 to 3 months so that in addition to the air that is obtained fresher, the air conditioner at home is also more durable and durable.

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