Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber Optic Patch Panel is a transmission medium made from a combination of glass and plastic fibers whose process relies on the bias of light when transmitting data. For the light source obtained in the form of a laser because it has a very narrow spectrum. Overall, the function of this optical panel is to be able to process information transmission with high bandwidth capacity, because it is made of pure glass fiber so it is not easily disturbed by electromagnetic waves and radio frequency.


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Optic Fiber Patch Panel Components

  • Connector: a component of the end of an optical fiber, consisting of various types adapted to the needs of the field.
  • Pigtail: the side of the cable piece that has a connector at the end, then connected to a fiber cable that does not have a connector.
  • Patch cord: the side of the fiber optic cable has a connector on two sides. This component functions as a connecting device or also known as optical jumper.
  • Wall mounted: termination of optical fiber attached to the wall.
  • Optical Termination Box (OTB): termination of optical fiber found on a shelf or box.
  • Joint Closure: the connection point of optical fiber.
  • High Distribution Cabinet: fiber optic termination rack.

In the use of fiber optics, there are 2 types of modes that can be applied namely single mode and multi mode. Single mode has a small core size, laser light source, unlimited bandwidth, and long distance that can reach more than> 60 km. Whereas multi modes have larger cores, laser light sources or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), limited bandwidth, with long distances that only range from 300-500 meters.

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