Expansion Valve

Expansion Valve

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Types of Expansion Valves

In a cooling system, especially in air conditioners, this valve has several types that you can choose according to their individual needs. Here are the types:

1. Capillary Pipe Type Expansion Valves
This type of valve is a valve that has a heat sensing tube that functions to measure the temperature or temperature of the freon coming out of the evaporator. The heat received by the heat sensing will be used to regulate the freon that is supplied by the expansion valve to the evaporator.

2. Orrifice Type Expansion Valve
Unlike the type of capillary pipe, this type uses an orrifice to regulate the freon that is channeled to the evaporator.

3. Box Type expansion valve
This type is the most commonly used type today. This type of valve uses temperature and pressure sensors to regulate how much the freon is flowing from the valve to the evaporator.

Expansion Valve Function

1. Reducing the pressure of the freon or refrigerant
The main function of this valve is to reduce the freon or refrigerant. The reason is, the high freon pressure resulting from compressor compression needs to be lowered in order to effectively work.

2. Cool the temperature of the freon or refrigerant
The second function of the valve is to cool the temperature of the freon or refrigerant to 30 degrees Celsius.

3. Set the amount of Freon or Refrigerant that is distributed to the evaporator
The function of the last expansion valve is to regulate the amount of freon or refrigerant that is supplied to the evaporator according to the AC cooling load. The more heat, the more freon is distributed, and vice versa.

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