Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan

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10 Exhaust Fan Terbaik yang Bisa Hadirkan Udara Bersih dan Segar untuk Hunian Anda

Exhaust fanmerupakan alat yang umum digunakan untuk membuang udara dari dalam ke luar ruangan sehingga menciptakan udara yang lebih segar. Tak cuma itu,exhaust fandirancang untuk mengatur jumlah volume udara yang masuk, jadi ruangan terasa sejuk dan ...

Tidak Semuanya Sama, Pilih Jenis-jenis Exhaust Fan Sesuai Kebutuhan Anda

Seperti yang mungkin Anda ketahui, salah satu kriteria hunian sehat adalah sirkulasi udara yang bersih dan lancar. Udara segar yang mengalir akan mendukung kesehatan anggota keluarga dan para penghuni di dalam ruangan. Selain itu, sirkulasi udara ini...

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Type of Exhaust Fan Based on Installation

1. Wall exhaust fan
  Another case with this one exhaust, this type is often mounted on the wall of a house or room. However, it is very necessary to install a fan that is placed on the back of the wall, the edge of the house or various sides that are in direct contact with the air outside the room. This aims to neutralize the air contained in the room free of dirty air

2. Ceiling exhaust fan
  Exhaust is often found in places that are generally found in places where there are many people in it such as supermarkets, offices, places to eat, stations, airports and many more. This type of fan is the same as other types, namely to release air from inside the room to the outside of the room, which is also equipped with a ventilating fan with an air conduit.

3. Bathroom exhaust fan
  This model is often used for use in special locations, such as bathrooms, because each place or room of the memag has a special size specification. Especially for the bathroom, usually the exhaust installed has a smaller size.

4. Exhaust fan window
  For this type of fan one is usually mounted on the side of a glass window with a thickness of three to seven millimeters. However, if you intend to install the exhaust fan window mount make sure there are rooms in which there is a large room and access in and out of air from inside to outside.