Excavators or better known as stupid are heavy equipment that has the main function to facilitate excavation or excavation. Aside from being a digging machine for earth, sand and rock, this tool is also very multifunctional because it can be used to help with heavy tasks. Because its function is quite extensive, the models and types that are present on the market are also quite varied which can be adjusted to your needs. You can easily find various types, models and sizes of excavators on the indotrading.com website directly from suppliers, distributors, importers with prices and special offers!

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Excavator's Usefulness

Excavators are multifunctional heavy equipment. This tool can be used to do some heavy work, including:
  1. River dredging project
  2. Making sloping
  3. Loading or dumptuck
  4. Breaking rocks
  5. Demolition of buildings
  6. Leveling ground
  7. Forestry work
  8. Excavating holes, ditches, or foundations of a building
  9. And other heavy duties.

Excavator's Main Components

This digging heavy equipment we often encounter in projects such as river or river dredging, large projects in the construction of buildings and malls. In addition we often encounter mining areas insand, soil, rock and coal as well as various types of mineral and other metal mining. Given its many functions, it helps you recognize the components that are in a dumb. Typically, this machine consists of a shoulder (boom), arm, basket or dredger (bucket), cabin and tracker. Each of these components has an important function to drive other excavator sparepart.

  1. Shoulder (boom) is part of the main lever that serves to the ups and downs of excavator.

  2. Lengan (arm) serves to swing the basket or bucket while doing work.

  3. Keranjang (bucket) is a part that is usually used to dredge soil or work material.

  4. Tracker is a wheel or leg chain that makes it easy for this machine to move places.

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