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Diwali Decorative Lights in Indonesia

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Diwali Decorative Lights

Yellow Neonflat LightsNeonflat lights are decorative lights that can be applied to writing. The lamp is very elastic so it is easy to bend and cut per 1 cm as needed. The lamp is very suitable for cafes, boutiques, shops and any needs that require information. The length of the lamp 1 roll: 5 meters power: 12volt (7 watt per meter) using travo We

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Toko Tjong Electric
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat

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Toko Tjong Electric
Verified Supplier
3 Year
Response Rate 100%
Lampu sorot portable 40w solarcell
Lampu Neonflat kuning
Lampu sorot solarcell 50w