Dinamo Electric

Dinamo Electric

Selling electric Dinamo the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy an electric dynamo at the latest price that serves as a tool to convert mechanical energy into electric power. Mechanical power is derived from other devices, for example, such as the generator system, the dynamo is rotated using a machine so that the dynamo can spin to produce electrical energy. The jam inside the dynamo has a coil or a coil that is in a magnethomogeny-dimed chamber. If the coil rotates, the magnetic flux that penetrates the coil is always changing every time. The two ends of the wire are connected using two copper rings insulated from one another. To choose the best engine dynamo you need to know and adjust the specifications to the needs that you will use.

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How the Electric Dynamo Works

The following is a brief explanation of how it works, first the magnet is rotated using a crank, then the magnet also rotates which then produces current through the coil wire of the dynamo which makes the north and south poles induce currents in different and opposite directions, so that the rotation converted into electrical energy which is then used or serves as a source of electricity to power various items household electronics and industry.

The Electric Dynamo function

Because it is very important to use dynamos to produce electricity to help and alleviate human labor. Therefore there are some functions of dynamos that are more common in certain fields, including two examples of the automotive and electricity fields:

1. Automotive Sector
The automotive industry, especially cars and motorbikes, has not escaped the use of dynamo-derived power generation systems. For example, the thing we do most often every day when starting a vehicle engine is by starting the engine via the Start button which is connected through a battery system, dynamo and motor engine. So the function is very important to use the dynamo on the vehicle.

2. Power Plant Sector
In addition to automotive, the electricity sector, especially in the state electricity company or PLN in Indonesia. Not only relying on making electricity using one type of equipment, but also using a system of engines and dynamos that are very large to produce electricity with enormous power to flow to consumers of electricity users to power electronic devices such as lights and others.

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