Selling the best price dimmers from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a dimmer with the latest price which is a kind of switch to adjust the incandescent light so that it can be turned on, dimmed, explained and turned off according to our wishes. Dimmers can only be used in bulb or incandescent bulbs and cannot be used in other types of lamps. The Dimmer circuit consists of 4 parts including Ramp Generator, Pulse Control, Triac Power Supply, and Triac. The Ramp Generator section functions to produce sawtooth pulses (ramp signal) with a frequency of 120Hz and synchronous with the PLN grid voltage phase. Get the best dimmer lighting products only from trusted suppliers in Indotrading.com!

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What Are Dimmers?

Dimmer is a small device that functions to adjust the brightness of the lamp. This knob can be rotated to adjust the light output that comes out. For example, if you want a dim light, you can use this tiny tool to change it by adjusting the switch. Dimmer switches are very useful especially when you need a light that is not too bright at any time.

How the Lamp Dimmer Works:

Dimmers work by reducing or increasing the RMS voltage. That way, the lamp will vary the intensity of the light output. Dimmer technology has been widely applied in incandescent lamps, neoncompact lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), although all three have different performance.

Dimmer Circuit Components:

The main components of dimmer circuits consist of TRIAC, DIAC and Resistor Variables.

  1. TRIAC is the main component of a dimmer circuit that functions to regulate the AC voltage entering the lamp. TRIAC can be used with all types of power capacity (watts) that match the lamp load, for example AC03F and AC05F types.
  2. DIAC serves to adjust the TRIAC bias which determines the on-off work point of TRIAC. DIAC can be replaced with a small neon lamp (indicator on the iron).
  3. As for the Variable Resistor, its function is almost the same as DIAC, which is to adjust the TRIAC bias. But to note is the working voltage of the capacitor of the resistor must be at least 250V and a minimum power of 0.5 watts.

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