Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator

Selling the best price dial indicator from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a dial indicator with the latest price which is a tool used to measure the flatness of a flat surface, the roundness of a shaft, and the flatness of a cylindrical wall surface. This measuring instrument is widely used in the automotive industry. In accordance with its function, this dial indicator has the advantage of measuring surface evenness and alignment of flat plane objects that you measure easily and precisely. If you are from a company, store or industry, this gauge is definitely needed, to get the best measuring tools with a good brand and quality you can immediately search for and buy through the largest and most complete suppliers or sellers that provide a wide selection of the best brand indicator dial from exporters and importer in Indonesia. Immediately submit your purchase request now to get the best price at the cheapest competitive quality.

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Dial Indicator Working Principle

This tool works by changing the movement of the spindle up and down to rotate the rotation of the pointer. Now, to improve the accuracy of the up and down movements, the spindle will be converted at a needle rotation with a longer movement. That way, the long pointer will rotate several times if we press the spindle.

Types of Dial Indicator Based on How It Works

The development of measuring devices technology as it is now, dial indicators have been produced both domestically and abroad and of course also has a lot of advantages of each brand or type, as for this type of measuring device consists of 2 models based on the work system or method it works, the following explanation:

1. Digital Indicator Dial is the latest technology from the previous model, analog or manual. This digital technology is the latest sophistication of a flatness measuring tool in a flat or other field that works very sophisticated with an easy to use method.

2. The Manual Indicator Dial is a measuring tool that is still often used by some technicians or mechanics, although it is still old school, this old model dial indicator is still a favorite for its users.

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