Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector

Selling the best price water leak detectors from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia that function for water leak detection devices that are often used in water piping networks. This water leak detection tool can be used for various types of piping installations which help signal or give a signal if there is a water leak in the pipe. Get various models and brands of different water leak detectors with the best quality that you can get through distributors and suppliers in Indotrading. To get various types of water leak detector equipment you can easily find the best suppliers from all over Indonesia here.

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Type of Water Leakage

There are several types of water leakage in the piping system, each of which has different properties, thus requiring special detection equipment. What are the types of water leakage, here are some types of leakage:

1. Passive Leak Detection
Namely the type of water leak detector that is seen directly through this method only relies on community or staff reports and direct findings in the field. Reports from the community can be in the form of leakage findings or complaints about the decrease in water pressure / discharge in their area.

2. Active Leaks
This type of leak detection is carried out with an integrated effort to find the source and location of the leak through systematic and integrated planning involving all available resources.

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