Humid rooms are not good for health. Because the high humidity level will trigger the growth of moss, fungi, and bacteria. All three will cause respiratory infections in people who live in the room. High levels of humidity can also cause negative side effects on furniture and walls in the room. The effect is rust on metal furniture and the appearance of mold or mildew on walls and wooden furniture. To avoid all that, you should install a humidifier in a room that has poor air circulation.

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Dehumidifier Functions and How It Works

Dehumidifier is a device that works to reduce the level of humidity. This tool is most fitting placed in rooms with poor air circulation. In addition, this tool can also be placed in party rooms full of guests. In addition to changing humid air into dry air, the function of a dehumidifier is to cool the room. However, this tool can not change the temperature of the air like air conditioning.

This tool works by absorbing hot and humid air in the room. This air will flow through a small fan and cooling coil where the air will condense. This dew drops will be collected in a container. Thus, this air loses its moisture and the temperature becomes cooler. After going through this process, the air is flowed out again. Thus, the room has cooler and drier air.

Dehumidifiers are available in various capacity options. What is meant by capacity here is the ability of this tool to remove water in the air within a span of 24 hours. There is a device that can eliminate 30 liters, 40 liters, 50 liters of water in one day. Large rooms naturally require large-capacity moisture removal devices. In addition, very humid rooms, for example basements, also need a large capacity moisture removal device.

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