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Buy cheap car covers / coats from distributors, suppliers, importers and stores from all over Indonesia. The large number of four-wheeled motorists in the middle of the city makes us need to do full maintenance of favorite cars. One of them is by buying a car cover that serves as a protection from rain, dust and hot weather which can cause paint colors to fade. The high purchase of car care accessories makes various manufacturers more actively creating quality car coats and you can also find it completely and easily in Because many suppliers and distributors of the best car covers offer the latest cover models with the best fabrics to protect your car from heat, rain and dust.

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The Right Way to Choose an Outdoor Car Cover


    Select according to size


In, you can choose various covers with various sizes that can be adjusted to the size of the car you have. Make sure the size chosen is not too big or small so that the entire car body is guaranteed to be protected from various dust and dirt.


    Choose the right ingredients


Before choosing the type of material, it should be necessary to consider where the location of the car is stored. Whether indoor or outdoor. However, it is recommended to choose materials made from polyester fabric or parachute because of its impermeability in the rain.


    Use neutral colors


Even though the car body will be fully covered with a cover, it's a good idea to keep your eyes on the right color and last long. Make sure the cover you choose doesn't easily wear off with neutral color choices like gray, black or dark blue.

The Latest Best Brand Car Cover Prices




Estimated Price


Daihatsu Terios Combination Plus Car Holster


Rp. 500,000


Plain Car Cover


Rp. 300,000


Xpander Car Covers


Rp. 300,000


Lancer Evo IV Cover


Rp. 300,000


Cover of Mercedes Benz S Class Non Combination


Rp. 400,000


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