Cover of Clothes

Cover of Clothes

Selling the best price cover clothes from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy clothing covers at the latest prices designed to protect clothing collections from dust and dirt. In general, the cover is made of plastic material so that in addition to anti-dust and dirt, this plastic can also protect your clothes from splashes or liquid spills. Therefore, to protect your clothing collection in order to stay clean and durable, clothes cover is a must-have item. You can get a variety of direct offers from thousands of reliable clothing cover suppliers only in Indotrading.

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How to choose a good Cover of Clothes

So, how do you choose a good clothes cover? Indotrading, as the largest business directory supplier in Indonesia, has a few tips on choosing a good product cover:

1. First .
The first thing you should consider when choosing a product cover is the material maker. Choose clothes cover made of dust and dirt. Usually, the clothes cover is made of plastic which has the advantage of anti-dust, dirt, and water. So that, your clothing collection will be fully protected.

2. Second .
The second factor that must be considered when choosing a cover is the features that are included in it. Choose clothes cover with features that can make it easier for you, such as the zipper feature for ease of use and removal.

2. Third
The last way to choose a cover is to try to choose a cover product that is easy to clean or wash.

Excellence in Covering Clothes

Because of its many benefits, it is not surprising that clothing cover products are one of the items that are sought after, especially for those who are involved in businesses dealing with clothing, such as selling clothes, or laundry business. Here are some of the advantages of clothing cover you need to know:

1. Protect clothes from dust
Clothing collections, especially those that have long been stored, are very vulnerable to dust. Well, in order to avoid dust, your clothes must be covered with protection. This product is a solution to protect your clothing collection from dust.

2. Protect clothes from dirt
In addition to dust, other dirt that can stick to any clothes must inevitably be your concern. By using a clothes cover, this clothes collection will be protected from all kinds of dirt so that the clothes collection remains clean.

2. The clothing is protected from splashes of liquid
In order to keep the good collection of clothes for sale or for personal needs, in good condition, cover your clothes using a cover made of waterproof material, so that clothes remain safe.

Recommended Clothing Cover Best

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Brands Price
Krishome (55x85x7 cm) Rp. 59,900
Rayen Set of 6 Pcs Rp. 39,900
TGB RAB Rp. 25,000

* This price information was updated May 5, 2020, prices are subject to change at any time

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