Grounding Rod

Grounding Rod

Selling the best price grounding rods from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a grounding rod with the latest prices that work for a lightning rod that works by releasing the lightning current into the earth. The material of the grounding tool itself can be made of copper bars, copper plates or copper cones, where if the slab has a wider area to be implanted into the ground, then the resistance will be lower or better.

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Grounding Rod Function

There are 2 parts to the grounding tool namely the drilling head and drive head. Drilling head becomes a component that functions to speed up the system when it is installed down into the ground, so that the process of pushing to the ground becomes faster because it is supported by the shape of a sharp tip. Then for the drive head, mounted right at the top of the Copper Rod or Ground Rod aims to avoid damage to the top side when inserted into the ground. When using copper rod or genuine copper material for grounding the system, you should know that pure copper is softer than iron. If you experience damage to the surface of the copper rod, it will cause the ring glue with the lightning conduit cable to become damaged.

4 Things to Look For Before Installing a Grounding Rod

When you want to install a grounding or grounding tool, there is a feasibility standard that needs to be considered, one of which is the grounding phase must reach a resistance resistance distribution value with a maximum of 5 Ohms (if under 5 Ohms will be better) . However, there are also certain conditions to be able to achieve a lightning rod grounding value that not all areas can be met, so you need to know what aspects affect it as follows

1. Moisture content, when groundwater in the rainy season is so shallow, this phenomenon can affect the value of resistance or resistance to be not optimal.
2. Metal minerals, namely by knowing how much mineral content in the soil, which if the condition of the soil contains a lot of metal, it will be more easily displaced by lightning currents.
3. The degree of acidity, acidic pH level of the soil will greatly affect the delivery of lightning currents, so you need to measure it first.
4. Soil texture, sandy or porous texture of the soil, is likely to experience problems in obtaining distribution resistance because the condition of the soil like this makes water and minerals easily washed away.

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