Check Valve

Check Valve

Buy Check Valve at low prices retail and wholesale Kitz, Castel, Gala, Onda and other brands, buy valves from suppliers, suppliers and distributors for checking water or oil flow at pipeline. Get various models and brands from valve manufacturers to check with the cheapest wholesale prices of all the cheapest and most complete valve sellers in Indonesia. You can get all types of valves to check pipeline flow from various specifications according to what you want by submitting a request for a valve check offer from all sellers or sellers in All the goods you want to buy can be ordered directly from various companies that sell valves at wholesale prices with large purchases / agreed upon between sellers and buyers in Indotarding.

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Estimated Latest Check Valve Prices from Suppliers / Distributors in Indonesia

There are various types of prices on the market that are generally offered by valve suppliers , starting from the unit price / retail and wholesale prices or prices in a large number of purchases. Of course from each seller usually offers at different prices depending on the agreement between the seller and the buyer. But in you will receive a lot of product offers and prices vary depending on your needs. Here are some references to the latest estimated check valve prices for both retail and wholesale. For the price, it can also always be updated, so to ensure the valve price you need, you must always update the information from each supplier you choose.

Check Valve Size Price
1 Inch Rp. 278,000
1/2 Inch Rp. 134,000
3/4 Inch Rp. 170,000
0.75 Inch Rp. 153,000

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Before the valve / valve is in accordance with the specifications you want, you should be able to directly compare between two or more products with different brands to get the best product that fits the function and according to your company's or shop's financial budget. Because in this way you will certainly be more careful about managing the finances that you will spend on products to resell or for the procurement of goods for your company. For product references with valve brands you can see on the brand list as follows.

Check Valve Parts

In each type of valve has parts that have functions that support each other so that the valve works optimally. Including the type of check valve, of course also has parts that are almost the same as other types of valves, including the following parts of this valve.

  • Cover , a function to close the valve or the part used to check flow.
  • Hinge pin , functions for the valve lever.
  • Disc / pla t, is used for the opening and closing valves in the valve.
  • Seat ring , used for the retaining ring on the valve.
  • Body valve , is an integral part or a valve type cover.

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New Product Check Valve

Tozen Swing Check Valve Dn100 4" Inch Jis10k/16K/Pn16 Cast I..
Supplier : Dunia Valve
Price : Rp 2,191,800
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Swing Check Valve
Supplier : CV. Airasuplindo
Price : USD 900
Jawa Barat , Bekasi
Tozen Swing Check Valve Dn65 2 1/2" Inch Jis10k/16K/Pn16 Cas..
Supplier : Dunia Valve
Price : Rp 1,175,800
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Ch Valve Spring Check Valve Cv Series
Supplier : PT. Satya Kharis Perkasa
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Victaulic Check Valve 3"
Supplier : PT. Cahaya Kalimas Utama
Price : Rp 6,050,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Wafer Check Valve
Supplier : PT. Tunas Omega Persada
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat