Centrifugal Ventilator

Centrifugal Ventilator

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Fan or fan is a mechanical device that serves to create flow or flow in a fluid. In the industrial field, fans have various types with different applications such as for combustion processes, HVAC systems, transportation, refrigeration, air dryers and so on. One type of fan that is currently widely used is a centrifugal fan or also known as a centrifugal blower. The shape is very like a snail with a small suction power, but has a considerable thrust. This type of blower is also divided into several models and specifications, where you can find it online through authorized suppliers, distributors and agents available in Indotrading.

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Overview of Centrifugal Blowers and their Functions

In the industrial sector, there is one type of blower that is often used, namely a centrifugal blower. This form of blower is similar to a snail which has a small capacity suction power, but has a considerable thrust. Generally this machine is placed in a small room, but requires enough space to drive long distances. The process of the mechanism relies on a ducting system with hot or sucked spots.In general, this machine has performance with the same functions as air ventilation devices in the production room, kitchen in restaurants, laboratories and other engine rooms. This blower machine consists of 2 types, namely direct and indirect (centrifugal pulley). Some of the advantages that are highlighted from the use of this blower are that it can drive large volumes of air with low pressure, have a small size and a low noise level.

How it works Centrifugal Blowers

First, the air will enter the center of the rotating fan, then split into the fan leaf layers (Vans Impeller). When the fan rotates, it will produce air which is pushed out through centrifugal force. This high speed on the rotating air will then be dispersed in a blower which slows down with great force of force.

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