Road Marking Paint

Road Marking Paint

Sell Street and Floor Markings at a Low Price

Buy road markings at cheap wholesale prices complete colors like white, yellow, red and others with a selection of the best brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading now. Road markings or thermoplastic paint / thermoplastic paint is a type of paint that contains phosphorus / phosphorus and is specifically used to paint floors and roads made of concrete, asphalt or stone. Thermoplastic paint is often used to make marks or lines on asphalt and concrete roads. Thermo-plastic paint generally has a flexible texture and strong resistance to heat and cold. Based on the color, there are several colors of plastic thermo paint including white, black and yellow colors that we often encounter on the road.

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Prices of Cheap Road Markings / Thermoplastic Paints in Indonesia

Looking for information on various paint brands for road markings? Find various types of paint for making road markings to be applied to various types of road media such as asphalt and concrete. For price information, you can directly submit procurement requests to all suppliers and distributors of this street paint with the best deals and the best brands in Indonesia. In addition, you can also see reference prices, as listed below.

Cat Road Mark Brands Estimated Price
5 kg Nippon Paint Marka Paint Rp. 278,000
1 kg Aviant Mark Paint Rp. 55,000
2.5 kg Propan Traffikote Cat Mark Rp. 190,000
Tennokote Marka Paint Rp. 187,000
Glow Paint In The Dark Paint Phospor Eal 82 Rp. 1,968,000

Buy Thermoplastic / Thermoplastic Paints from Suppliers, Distributors at Indotrading

After getting various information related to road paint like in the price table above, you can also easily and quickly submit various requests for goods with the specifications you want according to your needs, for example your brand, size and color. Then all the offers that you get from the supplier in Indotrading can be made directly by you to make it easier for you to determine which thermoplastic paint prices are cheap and the best in accordance with what you are looking for.

Advantages of Thermoplastic Paint for Roads and Floors

There are many types of road markings / thermoplastic paint that you can get easily through all the sellers in Indotrading. All types of road and floor paints with phosphorus have many advantages that you can get to make a road markings for a highway or a floor, here are some of the advantages:

  • Has several color choices like yellow and white which are often used for road and floor markers
  • From any paint color this road can light up when it is dark due to the reflection of vehicle light on the road.
  • This paint contains phosphorus that can refract or dim the light. Because phosphorus is a substance that can radiate light in a certain time even though the light is gone.

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