Wood Paint

Wood Paint

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Cheap Wood Paint Prices Per Liter / Canned in Indonesia

Find a variety of the best types of paint for wood that you can use for a variety of paints both for furniture paint or furniture made of wood. All types of paint have many types of colors such as the original color of wood and a variety of more attractive wood colors. To get a variety of pricing options in accordance with what you want or to adjust the procurement budget for your company you can also directly request a purchase through an online tender, so that all suppliers that offer goods or prices can be compared to the best.

Types of Wood Paint Estimated Price
Avian 250cc wood paint Rp. 33,000
Cat Avian 200cc Rp. 27,000
1kg Avian Cat Rp. 65,000
1kg Phthalite Paint Rp. 61,000
1kg Clear Gloss Propan Cat Rp. 45,000

Buy the Best Complete Brand Wood Paint from Suppliers, Distributors and Importers in Indotrading

Looking for a complete range of brands and colors for various types of paint for wood? In Indotrading, you can immediately search and buy all items that can be obtained at the best price that you can buy with a wholesale or retail purchase system according to the buyer's agreement. In addition, you can directly easily compare all specifications and prices of all distributors and suppliers in Indotrading.com.

How to paint wood for best results

Before you buy a variety of brands of paint for wood, you should know some ways to choose the best paint colors for all types of wood furniture that you want to paint. The selection of colors on wood must be careful, because generally if you choose the type of paint or the wrong color the result of the painting will also be good, here are some tips on choosing paint for wood:

  • Choose the best paint brands such as those that have been widely used and trusted to produce a smooth and smooth texture of paint.
  • Use oil-based paint types for easy painting process and permanent results.
  • Before painting wood, you should first sandpaper the wood media so that the fiber is covered and the paint is flat.
  • Use bright and bright colors to your liking.
  • For the process of mixing the paint must be in accordance with the recommended recommendation for paint spraying for maximum results.
  • Repeat painting many times and feel enough so that the painting results can be evenly distributed.