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Cast Iron Fitting

Cast Iron Fitting

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Types of Cast Iron Fittings

Types of Cast Iron Fittings can be used to suit consumer needs, including:

1. Elbow Cast Iron Fitting

This type of fitting is also commonly called an ell. The function is nothing but like an elbow that can be moved in another direction.

2. Compression Cast Iron Fitting

There are three parts to this type of Cast Iron Fitting, namely the gasket ring or what is called the ferrule, nut and body. Called compression because the technique is to use pressure to make the connection stronger. Usually, this type of compression is used for housing as well as for industry.

3. Valve Cast Iron Fitting

Some people include the valve as part of the Cast Iron Fitting, but some others classify the valve as a special material.

The function is as a flow controller in a system. There are several categories of valves, namely ball valves, globe valves, gate valves and butterfly valves.

4. Coupling and Union

Couplings and unions are quite varied types of fittings. Yes, this type of Cast Iron Fitting is available in various sizes depending on how the pipe is installed. Its function is to make a connection between two pipes, so it is natural to call it a coupling.