Cassette AC

Cassette AC

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Features of AC Cassette

Before discussing about where to sell AC Cassette and what the price of AC Cassette is , then we first discuss the various excellent features of the room temperature regulator on this one. Therefore, here are some excellent features that AC Cassette has. Are as follows :

1. Equipped with sophisticated sensors    

The superior feature possessed by the first Cassette AC is equipped with a very sophisticated dual sensor. Yes, this dual sensor serves to regulate room temperature efficiency. Not only that, this type of air conditioner is also equipped with infrared sensors, blowers, and auto swing sensors.

2. Compact Ac Cassette Components    

The superior feature of this type of AC is to have compact components. Yes, the AC Cassette component only consists of Indoor AC placed on the ceiling and also the Outdoor AC which is placed some distance from the Indoor AC component .

3. Save Electricity    

Unlike the AC that you generally use at home. AC Cassette is more economical because it is equipped with a body heat reader sensor.

Yes, if there are many people in one room, the AC cassette will reduce the room temperature. However, if there are not many people in the room. So, this AC Cassette will stabilize the temperature of the room. So, this sensor makes this AC Cassette more efficient compared to other types of AC

4. Variable Prices    

The price of AC Cassette is also very varied. AC Cassette is available in several price ranges from cheap to expensive. However, for its quality and was also followed on the price of selling AC Cassette   is certainly

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