Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors

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Cables if trampled or run over by very heavy loads can be damaged and destroyed. So that the cable that is run over is not damaged, a cable protector is needed . This protector can protect the cable from very strong pressure. Special protection to protect cables that are in the middle of a road or a place where something is traveling with a heavy load.

In addition to the cable protector function to protect the cable, you can also rent out this protector for temporary use such as concerts. Audio cable, lighting cable and other cables during the concert can be protected with this protector.

Know 2 types of cable protector

Cable protector is a slab-shaped protective volume with black and yellow. The material used to make the protector is industrial rubber which is very thick so it is very strong, durable and sturdy. This cable has 2 types that are commonly used, namely 1 slot / line cable and 3 slot / line.

Length of about 100 cm cable protector , for longer use can be connected. At the end of the cable there is a connection that is flexible and easily glued together. This protection can be used for all types of cables, ranging from extension cords, electrical cables, hoses and network cables. The use of this protector can also be for indoor or outdoor.

Electrical protective cables are widely used for cables that pass traffic. Cable protectors are very strong and sturdy protectors. Therefore it is suitable for traffic that is often passed by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles.

Cable protector functions for other applications, such as parking lots, warehouses, concerts, hotels, stages, shopping centers, sporting events, schools, communities, construction sites and others.

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