Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Buy cheap Butterfly Valve brands Tomoe, Kitz, Gala, Onda and others buy directly from the Supplier, Importer and Distributor of the cheapest and most complete valve prices in Indonesia. Get a variety of benefits and functions of a valve whose valve shape like a butterfly is used to regulate the flow of water and oil through a pipe which is commonly used to close and open flow in various types of piping. This type of valve is often used in various piping requirements such as in industry and various water and petroleum piping systems. Get this butterfly valve directly from a trusted supplier or seller in Indotrading.com with the cheapest and largest wholesale price in Indonesia.

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The following is a list of estimated butterfly valve prices from various sellers that usually sell retail and wholesale prices. To get a variety of ranges and price estimates that best suit what you want to expect. You can directly submit a request for a quote directly from valve suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.com. By submitting a purchase request you can get the latest price of this butterfly valve with a complete update.

Butterfly Valve Size Price Range
4 Inch Rp. 386,500
6 Inch IDR 728,000
10 Inch IDR 2,350,000
1.5 Inch IDR 525,000

The Butterfly Valve Function for Piping Installation

Based on the function / benefit of this valve, it is almost the same as all other types of valves, the only difference being the shape of the valve inside and slightly different from the workings of other types of valves. Generally this type of valve is often used in piping systems with low pressure, with the development of technology that is very advanced as it is now valve butterfly is always modified with the latest and sophisticated technology so that now some of these valve types with special specifications can be used at high pipe pressure .

How to Work Butterfly Valve in General

Before using this butterfly valve, as a piping technician you should have to know and learn the principles / workings of this butterfly valve. In general, the workings of this type of valve are almost the same as the other valve models, which are both used to close and open the flow in the pipe / pipe connection . But what distinguishes it from other types of valves is in the way of work that uses valves such as plates that cover all parts of the valve hole that can be shifted in all directions. So this is what distinguishes this valve is different how it works with other types of valves.

Types of Butterfly Valves for Different Types of Flow Pipes

Before you buy a butterfly valve, you should be able to choose what types or models you want to use for procuring valves for your company. If for resale needs you can buy various types of valves which have various types of models including the list below:

  • <=Wafer-Style     
  • Doubly-Eccentric
  • <=Lug-Style     
  • <=Trply-Eccentric     
  • <==Concentric

Of the various types of butterfly valves as above, whichever type of valve is your need, to obtain various types of butterfly valves can directly submit purchase requests directly to hundreds of suppliers at Indotarding.com. So you can submit requests for more specific items according to the items you want to buy.

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New Product Butterfly Valve

Manual Butterfly Valve
Supplier : PT Pasifik Berlian Natiusindo
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , DKI Jakarta
Alltype Valve
Supplier : PT. Binakarya Sentosaprima
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Butterfly Valve
Supplier : PT. Asia Global Teknik
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , DKI Jakarta
Butterfly Valve All Product
Supplier : CV. Star Jaya Sejahtera
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bekasi
Butterfly Valve 4 Inch
Supplier : CV ethama nusa palapa
Price : Rp 450,000
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Butterfly Valve
Supplier : CV. Laguna Teknik
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bandung