Copper Busbar

Copper Busbar

Copper Busbar is an arrangement of conductors made of copper plates in a panel that functions to distribute electric current. Copper busbars generally have the shape of a copper plate or rectangular or tubular that is thick enough to form a large enough electric current. Well, if you are looking for a good copper busbar product, you can count on! We provide a wide range of the best copper busbar products from a line of trusted suppliers throughout Indonesia! Get the best deals right now!

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Excess Copper Busbar

1. High conductivity

Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity so it is widely used for heat and electricity installations. This is due to the very high conductivity of copper. Copper has the highest conductivity (electric conductivity) compared to other types of conductors such as aluminum, gold, or silver.

2. More economical

Despite having a high conductivity, copper is more economical compared to other conductors. Call it like silver or gold. No wonder that copper is widely used in the manufacture of electrical appliances, one of which is busbar.

3. It is easier to absorb and release heat

Not only is it a good conductor, copper is also a material that easily melts, easily absorbs heat, and releases heat so that when electrified with high voltage, copper material will not experience interference.

4. Corrosion resistant

Another advantage of copper busbars is their high corrosion resistance. Copper has a very high copper resistance to corrosion, its melting point is 1080o so it is not corrosive and electrical installations will remain safe.

Busbar Types:

Judging from the type of substation to be used, the busbar system is divided into several types, including:

1. A busbar ring is a type of main busbar whose ring-shaped busbar. In this installation, all busbars are connected to one another to form a ring.
2. Single busbar is a substation that has a busbar with a substation system located at the end of the transmission system.
3. Double busbar is a substation which has two busbar. This installation is very effective to reduce the burden of blackouts, especially when making system changes 4. One half busbar is a substation which has a set of busbar. This type is installed on substations in power plants or large capacity substations.

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