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Latex Foam

Aluminum Foam (081317214603 - 081210510423)Aluminum foam is one type of heat retaining material made of aluminuim fiber.Aluminum is a soft and light metal and has a dull silvery color due to the thin layer of oxidation formed when this element is exposed to air. 

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Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Latex Foam

We sell a foam mattress with the size, the foam, the material according to the booking, including latex mattresses for babies.

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  • Price : Rp200.000
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  • Brand : fortuna
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Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan

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Latex Foam

Natural latex foam mattress is a bed with a latex material. Sleep in relaxation and wake up more refreshed with high-quality latex mattress toppers natural.Latex antimicrobial and hold dust mites and allergens, fungi and moss, provides a comfortable and safe sleep.

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Banten , Kota Tangerang

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