Buy the cheapest bulldozer for the latest models of Komatsu, Shantui, Caterpillar brands from suppliers, distributors, the biggest importers in Indonesia to work on all types of mining and contracting projects. This tool or machine is one type of heavy equipment commonly used to help work on various mining project needs in a not-so-wide area. For example, it is used to dig, push and hoard various mining materials and projects. In addition this tool can also be used to attract a variety of other tools, because it can also function like a large tractor that has a large engine capacity with strong thrust and pull power. If your company requires the procurement of this type of heavy equipment, immediately submit a tender in Indotrading. Because by procuring goods through Indotrading you will compare or get a wide selection of brands, models and price ranges that match what you need.

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Price and Best Choice of Bulldozer Brands

Of the many heavy equipment manufacturers in the market, what are the best bulldozer brands that are widely used by project or mining contractors? Of course when the contractor chooses heavy equipment not only from other brands, but also from the functions and advantages or advantages of any of these tools. When talking about brands, of course there are many who already know what the best bulldozer brands might be like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kubota, Shantui and many others that do have advantages or disadvantages of each of these devices. But if it's a matter of function, of course all bulldozers have the same function, including as explained below.

6 Functions of Bulldozer in Projects and Mining

In general, bulldozers have a function or main purpose, which is to push and pull any material such as soil, sand, rocks, mud and various other materials. But there are several functions based on the technical work such as the following information:

  1. Clearing or Cutting, this function is used to clean up fields, gardens or forests where there are lots of plant residues and rocks on the surface of the land with the aim of leveling the surface area of ​​land that the bulldozer passes.
  2. Pioneering or Pioneering, is meant to clean the area that will be used as traffic access or emergency road for certain projects such as opening roads in the forest to be used as mining areas and making highway or toll road projects.
  3. Digging and Transporting, this function can only be done in a work area that is not too broad in the sense that it is only a short distance and is not too broad to dig and lift material that is not too much.
  4. Material Leveling, in addition to transporting as described above this tool can also be used at the same time to spread materials such as soil, gravel and sand to parts that want to be leveled for example in making roads and certain project areas.
  5. Hoarding or Backfill , this function is used for workmanship that is commonly done in mining project areas such as backfilling or stockpiling of holes in mining areas and projects so that they can be reused.
  6. Pulling Objects, besides being able to push objects and materials this tool can also be used to drive various types of project equipment and mines, this method is usually done because bulldozers have large engines and are able to attract larger and heavier objects.

Of the various functions above, of course, can not be separated from the uses that are in accordance with the operational standards of bulldozer type equipment Of course, from every brand or model has a variety of specifications and other additional accessories that might make the machine not only have six uses as described above, but can have even more uses to support all mining work and contractor projects.

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